Criteria for Funding


Community Priorities:

  • To promote a sense of ownership among the whole community when addressing community wide issues
  • To start more neighbourhood groups and revitalise existing groups with an emphasis on sustainability
  • To help local residents to play a leading role in regenerating their area
  • To improve confidence, capability and partnership working among local groups and residents

Any request for funding should aim to address one or more of the Community Priorities.

Basic Information

The process for funding projects is that the panel will agree to fund a project within the Salisbury wards area, then submit the proposal to the Community Development Foundation (CDF) who will then enter into a grant relationship with, and provide funding directly to, your funded group or organisation. Upon completion of the project the group will submit monitoring information directly to the CDF.

Match Funding

Groups funded by the programme will need to demonstrate match funding. The matched element should principally be in volunteer time but can also be donated cash, goods and services.

As grants awarded will be small, many groups will be dependent on volunteers to help deliver projects. We are recommending that groups use an hourly rate of £11.09 to calculate the value of volunteer matched time.

Amounts Available

Funding is limited to between £250-£2,500 in any one year. At present the scheme is for 4 years until 2015.

Who is Eligible?

  • Groups (minimum of 2 people)
  • Individuals over 18 years of age
  • Residents of St Edmunds and Milford or St Martins and Cathedral wards

To receive Community First Funding any group or organisation must:

  • be a not-for-profit, voluntary or community group
  • be connected with and/or meeting the needs of the local community
  • have a bank account with 2 signatories OR nominate an organisation which has a bank account with 2 signatories to hold funds on its behalf
  • have a governing document that has as a minimum the name, aim/purpose, objects, a dissolution clause for the organisation, a list of Trustees/Committee members and Trustee/Committee member signatories. New groups are not required to have this in place, but should agree to develop one
  • provide evidence of significant community participation in their application through the groups matched element to the project
  • show that their project is in line with the priorities identified for their ward

What sort of projects will get funded?

  • the purchase of equipment, like a computer, oven, furniture
  • the costs of putting on a local event or workshop
  • training of volunteers
  • additional activities to expand an existing funded project
  • activities that support community activity
  • activities that meet the identified need in the local community
  • funding to support an organisation to achieve a quality or other standard relevant to their activities

We cannot fund:

  • statutory organisations, such as Local Authorities, schools and the Police Force
  • arms length public sector organisations that are controlled wholly or in part by, for example, a Local Authority, a Primary Care Trust or agencies of these
  • any party political activity
  • commercial ventures
  • certain types of activities that support Asylum Seeker groups

Community First aims to encourage people in the Salisbury Wards to:

  • Support the social action projects they need, improving the quality of life for themselves and others in their neighbourhood
  • Participate in the relevant local decision making, promoting a sense of ownership not only of problems but of local opportunities and resources
  • Start more neighbourhood groups and reviltalise existing groups
  • Work with businesses, charities and public authorities, encouraging people to help others and themselves to improve the quality of life locally
  • Introduce a new approach to funding projects – leveraging time, money and other resources – helping neighbourhoods play a leading role in regenerating their area

Applying for funding

If you would like to apply for funding from the Salisbury Wards Community First Panel please download and complete the application form and return it to us either by email or post.

After your application has been received

Once we receive your application form we will check that all of the essential information has been disclosed. If not the application will be returned to the sender so they can complete it fully.

We aim to get each bid dealt within 3-4 weeks. It is likely that representatives of the bidders will be asked to a meeting with the Panel to answer relevant questions about the bid.

Bidders will be told whether they are successful or not as soon as possible. The Panel expect to explain why a bid is unsuccessful, but it reserves the right to not do so if it is felt appropriate.

If a bid is successful but the money has run out for that year then the successful group will be offered the opportunity to receive funds from the next years allocation.


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