Salisbury Wards Community First Panel

About the Programme

The Community First Programme is an £80million government-funded initiative that is running for four years until March 2015. The programme helps communities come together to identify their strengths and local priorities in order for their future and become more resilient.

The Salisbury Wards Community First Panel covers the wards of St Edmunds and Milford and St Martins and Cathedral. The panel is made up of a group of residents or interested people from the two wards who decide on funding bids from new/existing  groups/organisations operating within the areas.

The Community  Development Foundation (CDF) is an agency that co-ordinates the programme across the country on behalf of the Government. Their website is at

Existing or new groups (of 2 or more people) may apply to the Panel to set up a particular project that will benefit the residents of these Salisbury wards. If the Panel agrees then the bid is passed to the Community Development Foundation.  If the application fits the criteria then they will fund that group or project.

An important element of the whole scheme is that in return for this funding the group/organisation needs to match-fund the amount pound for pound. This can be done through volunteering, cash contributions, ‘gifts in kind’ and discounts eg. venue hire. Volunteering can be calculated at £11.09 per hour as a match to the amount funded.

Available Funding:

Guidance about  Year 4 funding, together with an application form,   will be available from the Community Development Fund shortly and it will appear on this website.   This is the final year of the programme and all projects need to have spent their funding and to have returned a monitoring form before the end of March 2015.

Membership of the Panel:

Criteria for Funding:

Previous Bids:

Ward Plans:

More Information:

For more information please email:

or phone: 01722 326822


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