Posted by: SCCAP | November 11, 2013

Milford Street Bridge Project

Milford Street Bridge Project are putting together two boxes of handling objects for local primary school children. The boxes will be used alongside their Education Packs, and will help bring the whole thing to life.

If you have any of the following that you would like to donate to the project, or sell to Milford Street Bridge Project cheaply, then please let Clare know by calling 01722 413236:

old comics (50s , 60s) Dandy, Beano, Lion etc.

old / replica toys, whipping top, hoop, skipping rope

old doll, dinky cars, board games

Old tins and packages – Ovaltine, OXO, biscuits – the sort of thing that you’d find in a shop in 50s, 60s

old money but needs to be pre-1960 ideally

child’s fairisle sleeveless pullover!

Old, broken pocket watch

Bible printed before 1912 – not too big as will need to fit in small old leather suitcase


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