Posted by: SCCAP | June 14, 2012

Salisbury City Community Area Plan

Here it is!

The Community Plan for the Salisbury City Area, produced by “Our Salisbury”, after extensive consultation with local residents and community groups:

Salisbury City Community Area Plan – June 2012

Happy reading!

Feel free to leave a comment or suggestions for projects which will help to achieve the outcomes in the Action Plans.

Please contact us to get involved in any of the 8 Theme Groups – we need YOU!



  1. There appears to be total lack of mention of the Bemerton Heath Centre in regards to the work undertaken with children and young people. There are two Over 60s Lunch Clubs a week, three after school activity clubs a week and two youth clubs a week, plus numerous other activities on an ad-hoc basis. Just thought it might have been worth mentioining them.

    • Hi Mark, sorry we missed them out – we tried really hard to get all the information.

      Happy to add them in to the “current facts” bits when we next update – which section would they fit into best please?

      This is a “living document” so will be updated online as we go.

      And of course just by making this comment people are now aware of them, thanks for your help. We hope to be putting together a directory of activities and groups in the near future so “watch this space”!

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