Posted by: SCCAP | February 22, 2012

Adoption of the South Wiltshire Core Strategy Development Plan Document

On 7th February 2012, Wiltshire Council adopted the South Wiltshire Core Strategy Development Plan Document, which is part of the Council’s Local Development Framework.

The plan sets out the Council’s spatial vision, key objectives and overall principles for development in the area of the former Salisbury District Council.

The key objectives of the vision have been derived from an analysis of the former District’s characteristics, a review of the former District and County Council’s own corporate plans and priorities (for example, the Sustainable Community Strategy) and national and regional planning guidance. At its heart is the delivery of viable and vibrant communities based on the principles of sustainability.

The Core Strategy aims to balance the competing environmental, social and economic pressures by prescribing a sustainable spatial strategy for the future development of South Wiltshire. This will include the location of strategic sites for new housing and employment development, as well as policies with which planning applications will be judged.

The Core Strategy will include a Key Diagram to show the spatial aspects of the Strategy and include objectives and principles for the whole of South Wiltshire, as well as, policies relating to specific locations within South Wiltshire.

The South Wiltshire Core Strategy DPD covers the former Salisbury district area (please note that this now excludes the part of Wiltshire that now constitutes part of the New Forest National Park) and should be in conformity with the South Regional Spatial Strategy.

This plan will guide all development in South Wiltshire to 2026, including new housing development on sites such as Fugglestone Red.  The adopted Core Strategy & associated documents are online at Wiltshire Council (see link below) and copies are also available at Salisbury, Wilton & Tisbury libraries, as well as the main Council offices in Salisbury (27-29 Milford Street).


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